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This book has been in the works for a while now.  Kade is tough to keep quiet… but for good reason, he has quite the story to tell!

Kade Chalden is the Antichrist on Earth.  He just doesn’t know it yet.  And he is the only one who can save Earth from the alien race that spawned him and the religion they created to harvest humanity.

As one of two immortals that leap-frog through time and mortal incarnations, Kade plays a deadly game that spans worlds of space and time.  Millennia of alien conflict culminate to bring Christ and Kade together at last.  It falls to his allies, none of whom he can trust, to ensure that Kade can waken to his most powerful incarnation yet.

To transcend, he must give up his mortal life for evil.  And as the most powerful and decadent playboy in the western world it’s not entirely clear he’ll make the sacrifice.  After all, he already has every earthly pleasure conceivable at his disposal.  But hate and love are two sides of a very powerful coin.  Kade’s passionate love and hate for Christ is at the heart of his ability to save the world.  And it is the very key to salvation or damnation for them both.

 Can a monster’s love save the world?

© Barbara E. Hill 2020