About Erebis

Updated February 2, 2024

When human colonists settled the planet Erebis they genetically modified their working class with radical alterations granting them the ability to breathe water or soar between treetops – humans custom designed to survive and work in the extreme conditions of the four resource-rich moons orbiting her.

On Gaea however, covered in rocky plains and mountains rich in ore and gems, the modifications of the people are not so obvious, if they are even there at all. And only on Gaea live the lamkee: thumb-sized insects with gem encrusted backs and an uncanny hive mind that hints at sentience.

Meanwhile, the elite of Erebis reveled in the bounty of the four moons harvested by the slave labor of their half-breed cousins.

For a time.

But corruption and conflict amongst the planet’s pure-bred human factions led to a technological disaster that destroyed all life on Erebis in a toxic conflagration of biblical proportion.

Fearing the same fate would befall them, the inhabitants of the four moons destroyed all technology and created the Order of Logen to ensure their safety from it. Suddenly divested of technology, the people were plunged into a brutally medieval existence.

1,400 years later, caches of buried Technology surface and power shifts between the Logen and the Principality, giving rise to a centuries-long cold war. But when a new cache of game-changing Technology is discovered and the Principal is assassinated, war erupts. Talin, the Principal’s heir, suddenly finds himself fleeing his sister’s coup and unexpectedly in a psychic bond with the cantankerous leader of the lamkee, who has taken it upon himself to help save Talin’s life and his throne.

Now, as the Logen attempt to unleash the power of Ancient Technology in a final bid for domination, Talin and four strangers – a warrior, a terrorist leader, a renegade Logen, and a friend gone rogue – are about to be drawn inexorably together along with the lamkee to stop a Technological disaster as devastating as the one that befell Erebis and will put not only their own lives but the very fate of humanity in jeopardy.

Published December 24, 2023
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