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When human colonists settled the planet Erebis they genetically modified their working class with radical alterations granting them the ability to breathe water or soar between treetops – humans custom designed to survive and work in the extreme conditions of the four resource-rich moons orbiting her. On Gaea however, covered in rocky plains and mountains […]

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If you drink certain good red wines, you’re familiar with the need to decant them. You can open the bottle and taste – and it’s good, but aerate and wait an hour or two… and a good decanted red wine rewards your patience with bliss. Song of the Lamkee is a fine wine of a book that rewards […]

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I’m a life-long reader and writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I started writing pretty much when I discovered how to use words and a pencil. “Petunia Pottapetal” was one of my first seminal works, circa first grade.  Looking back on it now, I think the title is the best part of that story, but […]